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         Houston Contact Patrol, Inc.
                        License # B-14292
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​There are countless industries that utilize security officers that protect their employees, customers, assets, and facilities. While the underlining reasons for contracting security might be similar, the nuances of vertical market-specific security program couldn't be more different. A security officer patrolling a commercial high rise has markedly different duties than one in a healthcare facility. Your organization shouldn't have to fit a security program mold - a security program should be molded to fit your organization. It is of critical importance that your security program be tailored to meet the specific demands of your industry and your facility. 

Below is a list of a few industries we currently serve:

- Construction Sites
- Schools
- Parking Lots and Garage security
- Night Clubs and Bars
- Hospitals/Clinics
- Restaurants 
- Apartments and Condos
- Retail/Shopping Center
- Hotel/Motel Security Officer Services
- Special Events
- Dealerships
- Pawn Shops
- Game Rooms
- Neighborhoods
- Embassy